Landell - Multimedia Streaming Tool

Landell is an audio and video streamer that receives streams from several sources (V4L2, Firewire, ALSA, Pulseaudio, files...) and sends a stream using Icecast or to files (Vorbis+Theora). It has a graphical interface that shows preview and allows applying dynamic effects and configuring stream.

Landell is developed in Python, GStreamer and GTK+, and is licensed as GPLv2.0 or later.


Landell v0.91 [2011/05/23]: sltv-0.91.tar.gz

Release notes for v0.91:

Landell v0.90 [2011/05/12]: sltv-0.90.tar.gz

Release notes for v0.90:

SLTV v0.9 [2010/07/28]: sltv-0.9.tar.gz

Release notes for v0.9:

SLTV v0.8 [2010/06/08]: sltv-0.8.tar.gz

Release notes for v0.8:

SLTV v0.7 [2010/05/14]: sltv-0.7.tar.gz

Release notes for v0.7:

SLTV v0.6.1 [2010/03/23]: sltv-0.6.1.tar.gz

Release notes for v0.6.1:

SLTV v0.6 [2010/03/16]: sltv-0.6.tar.gz

Release notes for v0.6:

SLTV v0.5 [2010/03/03]: sltv-0.5.tar.gz

Release notes for v0.5:

Debian (Sid) repository:

deb ./
deb-src ./

Git repository:(see the sumary)


Documentation and other informations are available in the project's Wiki:

Development and discussion

Development mailling list:


Jabber conference room:


You can download gstreamer-hplugins, one of the dependencies, here: